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Life Creations

Life Creations Weighted Blanket 9 KG 200x200 with Carrying Bag

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With the weighted blanket from Life Creations you are guaranteed a wonderful night's sleep. The weighted blanket, gives a safe and comfortable feeling so that your body can relax optimally. The blanket weighs 9 KG and is weighted by odorless and hypoallergenic glass pearls. Due to the 7 different layers of high-quality 100% polyester, the blanket is breathable and regulates your body temperature, and is suitable for summer and winter. If you often worry in bed or If you experience restlessness that makes it difficult to fall asleep, then the Life Creations weighted blanket is the one solution for you. Bad nights are a thing of the past with the weighted blanket. Suitable for every season and includes a handy carrying case.

With the Life Creations weighted blanket you will sleep like a baby from now on.


✔ Suitable for every season, even in summer.

✔ Large, heavy blanket for optimal effect.

✔ Wonderfully soft fabric that feels very luxurious.

✔ Maintains a constant body temperature.

✔ Constructed from several layers for extra comfort.

✔ Reduces stress, anxiety or restlessness for a better night's sleep

✔ Includes carrying case


The Life Creations weighted blanket is made up of seven layers that provide optimal comfort. The outer layer is made of soft, breathable polyester, which feels very warm and luxurious. In addition, the different layers ensure that your body temperature remains constant, so that you are never cold or too hot. The size of the blanket is 200 x 215 cm, so you can sleep wonderfully under it both alone and with two people.

Even weight distribution

Our blanket is weighted by very small glass pearls. These pearls are odorless, hypoallergenic and of an ideal size so that they do not shift. In addition, our blanket is divided into different compartments, so that the weight is evenly distributed. The Life Creations weighted blanket is also double sewn with a special technique for strength and is therefore of high quality.

Better night's sleep

With the blanket you will experience a deep relaxation like never before. The pressure on the body that our blanket gives feels like a warm hug. This gives a safe and pleasant feeling so that the body will relax. This reduces the feeling of anxiety, stress or unrest from a long working day, so that you will fall into a deep sleep faster. It is well known that a good night's sleep is the most important thing for your overall health. The Life Creations weighted blanket is a step in the right direction to improve your sleep.


With the weighted blanket you will receive a practical carrying bag. You can easily take the blanket with you, for example when you spend the night in a hotel or when you travel.

This is what you get:

✔ Life Creations weighted blanket

✔ Handy carrying bag


✔ Brand: Life Creations

✔ Pearls material: Glass (odor free and hypoallergenic)

✔ Blanket material: 100% polyester

✔ Dimensions: 200 x 215 cm (LxW)

✔ Compartment dimensions: 15 cm x 15 cm

✔ Weight: 9KG

✔ Colour: Anthracite (dark grey)

✔ Number of layers: 7

✔ Includes carrying case

ℹ The weight of the blanket should be about 8-12% of your body weight. The blanket is suitable for people between 60 and 90 kg.

Buy the 7-layer Weighted Blanket from Life Creations now and enjoy a better night's sleep!