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Life Creations

Life Creations Dementia Clock 12 Inch – Digital Clock with Alarm Clock

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With the digital clock from Life Creations you can see the date, day and time or your favorite photos at a glance. Thanks to the 3-in-1 composition of digital dementia clock, calendar clock and digital photo frame in one, it is very unique. Thanks to the extra large screen of 12 inches, the digital clock from Life Creations is also perfectly readable for the visually impaired. The screen shows the day, date and time, and alarms can be set that can be used, for example, as a reminder for taking medicines. This makes the digital clock also a medicine alarm clock. You can use the digital photo frame function to display your favorite photos in a slide show. Provide clarity and structure and make it easier for yourself or a family member with the clear Life Creations digital clock.

Easy to use and remote controlled, so getting up is no longer necessary. Ideal for care homes, at the office or at home.



✔ Calendar, clock and alarm in one

✔ Extra large screen: 12 inches

✔ Digital photo frame with slideshow

✔ 5 Ordinary and 3 drug alarm functions in 30 volume levels.

✔ Brightness levels adjustable for day and night

✔ Beautiful design with high resolution and clear image

✔ Ideal for the visually impaired and the elderly

✔ Battery backup during power outages

✔ Mode for the visually impaired white or yellow

✔ Manual available digitally and physically

✔ 8 available languages

Practical design
The Life Creations digital clock has a high resolution and a day/night mode that changes automatically. During the day the digital clock from Life Creations gives a nice bright light and at night the digital clock gives a dim warm light. Thanks to the fully written words, the screen is clear and well-arranged. You can set yourself whether you want to use a 12-hour clock or a 24-hour clock and there are eight languages available, including Dutch and English.

Backup Battery
The Life Creations Dementia Clock has a back-up battery, this battery ensures that all settings are maintained during power failures and that the clock continues to run. When power is restored, the clock will automatically turn on again. This is useful when the user cannot set the clock himself.

Handy for the visually impaired and the elderly
Thanks to its large 12-inch display and alarm function, the Life Creations digital clock is ideal for people who suffer from forgetfulness or who are visually impaired. The characters are large and clearly legible and an alarm can be set, which can serve as a reminder for taking medicine or performing a task, for example. The digital clock from Life Creations is therefore extremely suitable for the elderly and people with dementia or Alzheimer's.

Medicine & Alarm Functions
Wake up in the morning, indicate the meal times, and ensure that the medicines are taken on time with the 3 special medication reminders on Life Creations' digital clock. The alarms can be set for different days. You can set 5 normal and 3 drug alarm functions in 30 volume levels.

In short, with the Life Creations dementia clock you provide more than just safety and clarity!


✔ black light

✔ Photo function


✔ Resolution: 800*600 1024*768

✔ USB rechargeable

✔ drop-down

✔ 5 Ordinary and 3 drug alarm functions in 30 volume levels.

This is what you get:

✔ Dementia clock 12 inch

✔ remote control

✔ Battery for the remote control

✔ Standard

✔ Nutrition

✔ Dutch manual delivered digitally & physically

✔ Customer service for all your questions and feedback